Patient of the Month


I had very bad pain in my left neck and left arm for four months.  I could not lift my arm properly or turn my head to the left.  The doctors at Kaiser told me I had a frozen shoulder.  It improved somewhat with therapy but was still bad.  I had never been to a chiropractor before but I decided to try, even though I had doubts it would help.  I found Khalsa Chiropractic on Kaiser’s list of chiropractic providers.


The office and staff were very nice and professional.  Dr. Mha Atma talked to me and examined me and started chiropractic treatments, twice per week at first. He also showed me exercises to do at home.  After five weeks I was much improved—I could lift my arm much better and turn my head better.  I have continued with treatment the last three months because I needed more and because my body is still slowly improving.


I will recommend chiropractic care to people I know who want to feel better and be healthier. I have told several others about my experience and how chiropractic has helped me.  I feel very good about it.