Pregnancy and Chiropractic

by Dr. Mha Atma S. Khalsa

In my 35+ years in chiropractic practice, I have treated hundreds of pregnant women at all stages of pregnancy.  Many women have spinal and pelvic imbalances that existed long before they became pregnant but did not cause any symptoms until the changes of advancing pregnancy unfolded.  In some women symptoms such as low back pain or sciatica show up early in pregnancy as hormonal changes take place, and in others much later when physical and structural stresses of more advanced pregnancy accumulate. Other common symptoms that may occur during pregnancy and often respond to chiropractic adjustments include neck pain, middle back pain and numbness in one more more extremities.

 I have commonly seen women who have never before seen a chiropractor develop symptoms in their 7th or 8th month, and respond very well to appropriate gentle chiropractic treatment   We use special pregnancy pillows that allow many women to be able to very comfortably lie face down on the treatment table well into their pregnancy--up to 7 or 8 months or even longer.  But I have treated women on or beyond their due date--effective treatment can continute long after they are unable to lie face down.

The physical and hormonal changes of pregnancy and labor often cause problems, especially low back pain and/or leg pain, that show up AFTER pregnancy.  I have seen and treated many women who told me that they developed pain or other symptoms shortly after giving birth which then persisted for months or even years until they finally were able to start chiropractic care.  These symptoms are often compounded by the activities of being a mother, including nursing, sleeping in odd positions, and lifting and carrying infants and small children.

 Many women have found that starting chiropractic care before or early in pregnancy prevents problems and helps them feel well throughout. 

 Gentle, hands-on chiropractic care, combined with appropriate rehabilitative exercises and a healthy, anti-inflammation diet and supplements (especially vitamin D) can make a real difference in the quality of life and health for women before, during and after pregnancy.  This approach can also be very beneficial for children, from infancy to adolescence!


As a Prenatal Educator, Doula and Yoga teacher, I insist on my mommy clients making prenatal chiropractic visits with Dr. Mha Atma to help prepare their body for birth. What a difference it makes!

There is so much change happening in the body during pregnancy and you need an expert to help your body adjust for the best outcomes for birth.

I trust him so completely with my dear mommy and baby clients and wish all could benefit from his gentle and masterful care.

My whole family has seen Dr. M for many wonderful years; my father, my sister, my son and myself! What would I do without his adjustment after I am with a birth client for hours and hours?

He is the healer of healers and he love his patients. Thank you Dr. Mha Atma for your service and kind spirit.

All my best,

Khefri Riley CLEC, CD, CPYT

With a thriving private practice, Khefri is a Woman's Mysteries Mentor who has taught thousands of moms, families, children and babies the joys of yoga and supported hundreds of women as one of Los Angeles's premiere birth doulas. She is a certified prenatal kundalini yoga teacher, certified lactation educator counselor, certified birth and postpartum doula, certified kids yoga teacher, infant care specialist and childbirth educator. Through yoga and the creative arts, Khefri has touched the lives of countless children. In turn she has found that it is the children that keep safe human kind's greatest values. Her infant classes have been featured in People Magazine, NBC, CNN and on Fox Ch. 11 News. Visit