I had very bad pain in my left neck and left arm for four months.  I could not lift my arm properly or turn my head to the left.  The doctors at Kaiser told me I had a frozen shoulder.  It improved somewhat with therapy but was still bad.  I had never been to a chiropractor before but I decided to try, even though I had doubts it would help.  I found Khalsa Chiropractic on Kaiser’s list of chiropractic providers.


The office and staff were very nice and professional.  Dr. Mha Atma talked to me and examined me and started chiropractic treatments, twice per week at first. He also showed me exercises to do at home.  After five weeks I was much improved—I could lift my arm much better and turn my head better.  I have continued with treatment the last three months because I needed more and because my body is still slowly improving.


I will recommend chiropractic care to people I know who want to feel better and be healthier. I have told several others about my experience and how chiropractic has helped me.  I feel very good about it.



I have been a Khalsa Chiropractic patient for almost 20 years!  Khalsa Chiropractic is professional, warm, caring and informative.  You can’t be a partner in your care without knowledge. 

I have continued chiropractic care all this time because it has WORKED for me and other family members.  I no longer get headaches when I wear necklaces, my neck range of motion is increased, I have a straighter posture; my back pain has been eliminated, and most important Dr. Mha Atma has helped me discover what activities I did that may have led to the problems in the first place.

I have recommended a number of people to chiropractic care.  I tell them it is non-invasive care that works with the body, and that the spine is a major pathway between the body and the brain and it is important to keep it healthy.

 Give chiropractic a chance to work.  Find someone who listens and is good and gentle and knowledgeable.  I am glad that I have found someone--Dr. Mha Atma—who is all of the above.



I had a pinched nerve in my upper back which was causing me to lose feeling in my left arm and I had pain in my neck and upper back and constant mild pain in the arm.  I couldn’t look up because of the pain, and was in constant discomfort for three months.


A good friend recommended Dr. Mha Atma. I didn’t want to take any medications or have any unnecessary surgeries.  I had not been to a chiropractor in 20 years and I had some doubts it would help but I had a feeling it might work out in the long run.

When I arrived I felt comfortable right away, and I appreciated the early informative sessions about how to care for my back pain.  Besides recommending chiropractic treatment Dr. Mha Atma suggested stretches and exercises as well as reducing workouts that were aggravating the problem.


After about a month and a half the feeling in my arm has returned and the pain is completely gone.  I’ve resumed my usual amount of activity and feel like a much healthier person again.


I have two older brothers who see a chiropractor—one to deal with the aftermath of a snowboarding accident he had in high school and the other with problems from bad posture and sitting all day.  They both feel good about their care.  I think chiropractic care is a better solution than staying in pain, taking medications or expensive surgeries.  I support it and when people I know complain about back pain I gladly share the experience I had here.


I’m very happy with the results and education I experienced at this office.  I feel equipped to take better care of myself in the future.  Thanks Khalsa Chiropractic!





Patty Heideman


I was in a bad car accident and suffered stiffness in my upper body, mostly my upper back and chest.  It was making it hard to breathe as well as limiting my flexibility.  After the accident the stiffness and pain got progressively worse over the next few weeks.  I called my regular doctor and because I was complaining of shortness of breath, they thought I was having a heart attack and wanted me to go to the emergency room.  I was prescribed Naprosyn for pain, but I don’t like to take meds.  I finished the prescription but chose to live with the pain rather than take any Aleve or any other drug.


A colleague suggested I try Khalsa Chiropractic.  I had not considered chiropractic care but I was so stiff I decided to give it a try.  I had never been to a chiropractor before.  I did not know what to expect but I was ready to try anything.


When I arrived the office it felt very comfortable.  Everyone made me feel like they really cared.  Dr. Mha Atma gave me exercises to do at home and a frequency of care schedule to get me back to normal.  I started feeling better right away.  After just a few visits I was breathing deeply and I found that I was sleeping better.  From time to time prior to chiropractic care I would get a severe spasm tightening up my lower back for two to three days.  That has not happened since I started chiropractic.


I have recommended chiropractic treatment to a couple of my friends so far.  I don’t like treating everything with pharmaceuticals.  It is better to treat the body naturally.  Chiropractic does that.  I am a fan!


Alex Winfield


I had excruciating pain in my lower back for nearly a month.  Three doctors at Kaiser just prescribed painkillers and heat.  One gave me Naproxen, the next gave me Tylenol, and the third gave me Meloxicam. The medical doctors actually made it worse. The pain was intense. 


I could not function, and I’m normally a very active guy.  Conventional medicine wasn’t working.  I had been to Dr. Mha Atma years before but only because I had been given a gift certificate.  I wasn’t sure if chiropractic would help but I felt I had nothing to lose.


Dr. Mha Atma and his office staff were very professional.  Dr. Mha Atma was the only doctor to identify and correctly treat my problem.  He recommended chiropractic adjustments every other day at first, along with exercises to stretch and strengthen the back muscles, plus an anti-inflammation diet.


I started feeling better within a few sessions.  Within six weeks I was completely pain free and when I returned for a maintenance treatment a month later, I still felt great.  I am now telling everyone I talk to about my chiropractic experience and highly recommend it.  I put more confidence in chiropractic than in medical doctors for certain conditions.




Sean Monroe

 My car was struck from behind by another car travelling about 40 miles per hour with no braking.  Soon after the accident I had a lot of pain in my upper back and shoulder and neck and nerve pains in my arm—it hurt to lift it.  At work I kept forgetting things.  I went to the emergency room and they just gave me Motrin. 


Over the next days and weeks the pain interfered with my life and my activities.  A trusted friend referred me to Dr. Mha Atma.  I’d never been to a chiropractor before but I had faith it would help. 


The office and the doctor and staff were tranquil.  Dr. Mha Atma examined me and recommended frequent treatment, three times a week at first.  He told me that chiropractic treatment would help my body heal itself.  The pain lasted for many weeks but gradually improved.  


Now after three months the pain is gone, my range of motion is much better, and I feel good.  I would now recommend chiropractic to stay healthy, along with stretching and good posture.  I feel more people should use this type of care and enjoy the benefits.  The staff and Dr. Mha Atma are the best and I would definitely recommend this office.



Ana Vargus

I was experiencing headaches, neck stiffness and irritation, and lower back pain on and off for a year.  I had to take Advil for the inflammation.  I purchased a treatment package at another chiropractic office and went for treatment for three months but I did not feel the attention to me and my problem was effective.  My condition returned after a month. 

My ongoing stiff neck problem and headaches led me to try again, and I came to Khalsa Chiropractic.  I had some doubts based on my previous experience, but I found the office and Dr. Mha Atma to be very pleasant and welcoming.  Dr. Mha Atma’s many years of experience made me feel comfortable. 

He had me come in for adjustments twice a week for a month or so, and then once weekly, and he recommended lower back and neck exercises as well as an anti-inflammatory diet. 

The results have been much improvement in my neck and headaches.  Because of my great experience here, I now recommend chiropractic care to others who need to improve their health.  I believe everyone needs to maintain their body and health by getting chiropractic adjustments.  Thank you for all you do.


Maya Perez

For two years I had cluster headaches and ongoing stiffness and soreness in my upper back, neck and shoulders.  I also suffered from dizziness and fatigue.  My symptoms affected my playing violin and drums and the dizziness affected everyday simple tasks.  The headaches sometimes had me in tears.  Doctors gave me different pills for headaches that they said might help.  I had an MRI of my head.  I tried taking the pills a few times when symptoms were severe, but they didn’t always help and I didn’t want to take them.

A friend of mine repeatedly told me to try chiropractic care, and I finally did it.  I had only been to a chiropractor one time before.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but I wanted to try it before doubting.

I found the office at Khalsa Chiropractic to be very cozy and the doctor and staff very nice and helpful.  Dr. Mha Atma recommended adjustments twice per week to start.  After one month I was down to one adjustment a week.  He has given me stretches and nutritional and other wellness tips along the way.

 I was feeling results right away.  I noticed a positive change while at work.  I have not had severe headaches or dizziness since treatment began.  I have also noticed improvement in my posture and range of motion.  I feel more energized. And I have less tension in my upper back and neck when playing instruments.

I have been telling most of my family and friends about my chiropractic experience.  I grew up in a family that had never visited a chiropractor and wasn’t aware of the benefits.  I now believe chiropractic care should be as routine as going to the dentist or getting a physical.  I am encouraging my elders to try it, and will definitely make it a regular thing in my future family.

I have been in tears of joy more than once, overcome with relief that there is a safe and healthy solution to my problem even after physicians and neurologists had none.



Fitsum Hiruy


I was in a car collision in which we were hit very hard from behind.  I had a lot of pain in my back and neck and it was not getting better.  I was taking Tylenol. My back felt really stuck.  I had never been to a chiropractor but the law office handling my case referred me to Khalsa Chiropractic. 

I have been extremely happy with the way I was treated here.  The doctor did everything he could to help me feel better with chiropractic treatment and exercises.  It took almost three months but I feel great now and ever better! 

I will definitely recommend chiropractic now to my family and friends and I have told a lot of my friends about it.  It makes you feel great.  I have finished treatment for my accident but I’m sure I will be back.  This is a great office to visit—the people here are really nice and make an extremely friendly environment.  I am glad I have had this experience here and that I didn’t go anywhere else!!


Jeff Feringa


My left leg would collapse like a noodle with no warning.  I fell about eight times in two months.  It was very frightening—I was afraid to cross the street.  I saw an orthopedic surgeon at Marina Del Rey Hospital and he put me on a cane.  After the next severe fall I went to Cedar Sinai emergency where I spent six hours and was referred to an orthopedic surgeon in Beverly Hills.  The ER doctor gave me a walker. 

A friend saw me deteriorating and told me to go see Dr. Mha Atma.  I had seen a chiropractor many years ago.  I had some hope it might help. 

I found Dr. Mha Atma and his staff to be warm and caring.  Dr. Mha Atma recommended I see him twice weekly and that I take vitamin D.  Within the first week of treatment which included adjustments to my back and knee, my leg felt much stronger and I no longer needed my walker or cane.  Also numbness I’d been having in my fingers began to go away as Dr. Mha Atma also treated my neck.

I now feel really good about chiropractic care!  I can walk again!!  I am being given excellent care.  Dr. Mha Atma is the greatest!



Meg Haworth


Chiropractic has saved me from surgery twice—the first time for a ruptured disc in my neck and the second time, two years ago, after I was struck by lightning.  I have been a chiropractic patient now for 22 years.

I first had chiropractic care at age 26 after an orthopedic surgeon wanted to do surgery on my neck.  I had been seeing orthopedic surgeons for scoliosis from the time I was 14.  I had been taking drugs for muscle spasms and severe debilitating pain. Chiropractic saved me from surgery and from drugs.

I started seeing Dr. Mha Atma in 2006 after 10 years of chiropractic care and kept seeing him at least once per month for maintenance care which kept me in good shape.

Then in the summer of 2014 while I was sitting on the beach in Venice I was struck by lightning during a freak storm.  At first I couldn’t walk—I had pain in my lower back, groin and buttocks and my neck felt very jammed and I had headaches.  My muscles were seized from the electrocution.  It was a difficult time with brain, muscle and nervous system injuries. Although I never had lower back pain before the lightning strike, a surgeon told me I would need surgery to correct a disc in my lower back.  Turns out I didn’t need surgery—just great chiropractic care!

I saw Dr. Mha Atma three weeks after the lightning strike and he recommended I come for treatment once per week to aid my recovery.  The frequency was just right and over many months I was gradually able to reduce it.  Now two years later I am back to my once a month frequency.

Dr. Mha Atma is calm, caring and very professional…it’s as if he is in meditation all the time.  The office is peaceful and the staff is warm and caring.  Dr. Mha Atma is my primary doctor and regular chiropractic maintenance care has kept me out of medical doctor’s offices.  I could not have gotten through the lightning strike without him.  Chiropractic has given me better stamina, better range of motion, far less pain and allowed me to live without taking any pharmaceutical drugs.  I feel strong and my overall health is amazing.

I recommend chiropractic to many people because it is one of the best ways to gain and maintain overall health and dramatically reduce pain.  I tell them it may be hard at first but keep going—it will keep you aligned and healthy for life.  It’s the best long term solution for good health.


Louisea Hurwitz

I have been a Khalsa Chiropractic patient for over 16 years and my sister Jan has as well.  I have needed continuous maintenance from my neck down to my lower back and chiropractic has kept me in good shape.  I have always felt this is a most natural and non-invasive path to better health.  When I started, Dr. Mha Atma recommended periodic adjustments, a healthy diet and a balanced demeanor, all of which have served me well.  From my very first visit I found that the doctor and staff here are a very caring group of people, and the warm environment feels like a home away from home. 

My results from treatment here have always been positive.  A couple of years ago I developed a pinched nerve in my lower spine which caused pain in my left leg lasting many months.  I saw a neurologist, had an MRI and was diagnosed with stenosis, and did some physical therapy, but in the end the only thing that really helped was chiropractic treatment.  My neurologist encouraged me to keep seeing Dr. Mha Atma because it was helping, and although it took a while my leg pain gradually vanished.  Now I am back to coming for maintenance treatment once every few weeks.

Chiropractic care has enabled me to function normally.  It has helped both myself and my sister Jan 100%.  I constantly tell others about chiropractic because it is by far the safest way to go to keep your spine aligned and body in balance.  I tell people not to fear it—the treatment is very safe and the results are 100-fold.  I highly recommend to everyone to invest in this lifelong journey of healing and to never give up. 

Dr. Mha Atma and all of the people that work and contribute to this wonderful care help make our lives and our world a better place to exist.



Venkatta Pichai        


I had pain in my lower back for two years.  It was getting worse.  I had pain after walking and after sitting.  I also had cramping in my left calf. Nothing I did had helped. 

My friend Charles Daniel told me to go to Khalsa Chiropractic.  I had never been to a chiropractor before.  Everyone at the office was friendly.  Dr. Mha Atma told me to come for regular treatments and gave me exercises for my back.  I came three times the first week and twice a week for a month then once a week.  After the first month I felt much better.  Now after four months I am feeling very well and I still enjoy coming every week or two. 

I feel very good about chiropractic now and I recommend it to others.  One friend has come and he has felt better.  I appreciate the very nice service here.


James Draffen


I had pain in both shoulders and my right knee for several months.  The pain was an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10.  My medical doctor gave me pain medication which only treated the symptoms.  I had a cortisone shot, and took ibuprofen with codeine, but I did not believe that the medications would do anything but temporarily reduce the pain.   

I was looking for a cure.  I went to my health provider’s list of chiropractors and chose Khalsa Chiropractic.  I had not seen a chiropractor in the past 25 years. 

I was confident the treatments would help my condition.  I liked the homeliness of the office and the friendliness of the doctor.  He recommended that I come in regularly at first for adjustments, then less frequent as I got better.  After the first three visits I noticed the pain in my joints became less severe, and the improvement continued with subsequent visits.  My knee and shoulder feel very much better now. 

My wife, who has chronic pain, is going to become a Khalsa Chiropractic patient soon. I now have recommended chiropractic to many people because I have been helped so much.  I think it should be a regular part of everyone’s health practice.  I continue to enjoy the friendly environment and staff here at Khalsa Chiropractic.


Greg Sheehan


I had bad lower back pain as well as pain and discomfort throughout my entire back.  I first injured my lower back in 1998, and the pain continued and grew worse over the years and spread through my entire back.  I saw two previous chiropractors—one I did not like and the other was great but I could not afford to continue treatment.  I occasionally took ibuprofen but most of the time just lived with pain. 

I had been thinking about trying chiropractic again for a while, and then a friend said “Just go!” and referred me to Dr. Mha Atma.  I was positive it would help.  I found Khalsa Chiropractic to be a very friendly, professional place, with a helpful staff and a very knowledgeable and caring doctor.  Dr. Mha Atma recommended twice weekly and then weekly adjustments for a few months, tapering to less often after that, along with exercises and eating right. 

It has now been about 10 months since I started treatment.  My back feels so much better.  The bad pain is gone.  I now come in every two weeks for an adjustment to keep myself in good shape.  I can move around better, I sleep better, and I just feel better in general. 

I absolutely recommend chiropractic care because it helps so much.  I have recommended it to a number of people.  I love it.  If you have back pain or discomfort, just go!


Joe Torres


I have been seeing Dr. Mha Atma Khalsa for chiropractic adjustments once a month for almost 10 years.  Why?  Because he is a doctor who really cares and he has an amazing staff.  And because after 20 years of both excruciating lower back pain and shooting sciatica, when I started chiropractic care I felt tremendously better, and coming regularly since then has resulted in more flexibility and very much less pain and kept me in good shape. 

I was first referred to Khalsa Chiropractic by my wife’s very good friend, Elena Lobito.  Although I was skeptical at first, I quickly became a believer because the treatment helped so much.  Since then I have told countless people about chiropractic, and have recommended it because I know it will improve their health. 

My advice to anyone who starts with chiropractic care is, don’t stop.  Chiropractic is a must in my life, for my health.  Khalsa Chiropractic is a warm, friendly place and the ladies in the front office are so nice and welcoming.  It has changed my life.



Kristina Nelson


I developed a neck pain that was so bad that I was taking Motrin several times a day and I feared I had a herniated disc.  The pain went on for a couple of months.  I hate taking medication regularly—it’s so terrible for your body.  I hadn’t seen any doctor for this condition and I knew I needed a chiropractor. 

I had worked in the past as a chiropractic assistant for a brilliant chiropractor who turned me into a believer for life.  When I developed this recent bad neck pain I went looking for a local chiropractor and was lucky enough to stumble on Dr. Mha Atma. 

I felt very fortunate to find a true and talented chiropractor.  Dr. Mha Atma told me to stop worrying, which I did.  Very quickly my pain subsided with several adjustments and the stretches he encouraged me to do.  I keep coming back for treatment now, about twice monthly, strictly for maintenance, to keep stress from building up in my spine, and because it’s such a treat for my body. 

I recommend chiropractic care to other people all the time.  I am grateful to have this little haven—Khalsa Chiropractic—just a half block away from my house!

Linda Yudin


I initially came to Khalsa Chiropractic because of a desire to take care of my spine as I was feeling general stiffness and neck pain. I returned to Khalsa Chiropractic because of pain in my neck, lower back and knee. I had been a back seat passenger in a car that was rear-ended.  In both cases I was in pain and not able to move as freely as I wanted! 

When I first came to this office I found Dr. Mha Atma to be friendly, serious, caring and extremely knowledgeable.  He recommended more stretching to enhance my movement/dance practice and weekly chiropractic visits to address the painful areas.  Since then I have had great results both when I need to address specific areas of pain and stiffness and when I am generally feeling well.  Dr. Mha Atma’s treatments allow me to feel breath and space in my spine and body.  I look at my chiropractic visits as wellness treatments to enhance my longevity as a dancer and a human being.   

I am a 58-year-old dancer, still dancing, still teaching, still directing a non-profit dance company.  It’s a wonderful responsibility but is stress-producing.  I think it is very important to take care of the health of our spine as it is an integral functioning and alive body part!  Chiropractic has given me more flexibility, much more energy and a great sense of well-being. 

I have told at least 20 people about the benefits of chiropractic.  All the dancers and musicians in my Brazilian dance company need it!  Folks need to become spine-educated and chiropractic does just that.  And it addresses not just the spine but the totality of the whole body. 

I recommend folks new to chiropractic to be patient and to continue chiropractic as a movement and body therapy practice to keep you healthy.  I love chiropractic care and I am fortunate that my Kaiser insurance believes that chiropractic is important to our well-being.  Come see Dr. Mha Atma on a regular basis to stay healthy and on the wellness path.  If you are a dancer, musician…or anyone…take care of your spine!  The folks in this office truly care about each of us!


Kimberly Chigas


I had pain in my neck and left shoulder starting in January.  The pain was preventing me from sleeping.  I saw my general doctor and she prescribed a muscle relaxer.  I took it once but it didn’t help me sleep.  I wanted a more natural way to heal if possible.  I saw a rheumatologist and she was able to get me an MRI to get the correct diagnosis after two or three months of pain: a bulging disc.  I did acupuncture for a bit; it helped but the pain returned.  My doctor suggested I see a chiropractor. 

I came to Khalsa Chiropractic in April because I lived so close and because Dr. Mha Atma had great reviews on Yelp.  They took my insurance too.  I had not been to a chiropractor for about 10 years, but it had worked for me in the past and I was hopeful it would work again.  Plus the reviews on Dr. Mha Atma were so good—I thought I was in good hands. 

Dr. Mha Atma and his staff were very thorough and professional.  The doctor explained everything he would be doing before he did it.  I came twice a week for a month or so and then once a week.  In addition to adjustments he gave me exercises, and I learned a lot from his Wellness Workshop.  Now in July my neck pain is mostly gone and I am coming in once every two weeks. 

The treatments are quick and effective.  I like that.  I am in and out and feel better after the adjustment.  I came for my neck pain but my occasional hip pain is better too.   

I have recommended chiropractic care to a number of people.  I didn’t realize that so many conditions can be improved by chiropractic care.  I think it’s great!  I am so glad there is an alternative to medication for so many ailments.  I feel so much better than when I started coming here.  One day I will treatment myself to a session with one of their massage therapists.  I am so glad I found this place!


Walta Smith


I had pain in my hip and leg whenever I bent down from the waist and then stood back up.  The pain in my left hip and thigh was excruciating—about 12 on a scale of 1 to 10.  I was taking Aleve to try to manage the pain.  Someone in my exercise class recommended I see Dr. Mha Atma Khalsa.  I had never been to a chiropractor before and was unsure if it would help. 

On my first visit I liked the doctor and the staff as well as the comfortable office environment.  Dr. Mha Atma recommended some chiropractic treatment along with exercises and vitamin D.  After the very first gentle treatment the pain was mostly gone!  I continued with twice weekly treatment for just a few weeks and once weekly for a few weeks.  Now I have very occasional pain, and when it comes it is about a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10. 

My experience with chiropractic has been great, and the time involved minimal. I have been telling anyone who will listen about my chiropractic experience, especially the many people in my exercise class.  The office is very professional and the doctor is excellent.  He does not ask you to come in for treatment that is not needed.  I have found chiropractic care very helpful, and although my insurance plan does not cover chiropractic care, it has been so helpful to me that I do not hesitate to pay for my appointments.


Dave Wolin


I have been a Khalsa Chiropractic patient for over 15 years.  Dr. Mha Atma and his office are extremely friendly, efficient and effective!  They keep their schedule flexible so I can come when I really need to.  I have continued as a patient all these years because when the stiffness and pain start to creep into my body, Dr. Mha Atma’s treatments make all the difference in helping me feel better right away and avoiding horrible pain and stiffness later! 

Chiropractic has given me greater comfort, strength and mobility.  It is very effective in managing pain and discomfort.  It has saved me days and weeks of pain and misery and prevented me from needing to use medication. 

I have told a number of people about the benefits of chiropractic.  My girlfriend has seen Dr. Mha Atma and he has helped her neck and shoulder pain and stiffness. 

It is difficult to explain (without sounding like a commercial pitch or religious conversion) but experiencing the help and care at this office has been a life-changing event.  I cannot recommend it enough!


Allen Nguyen


I had a severe flare-up of pain in my lower back, lasting three weeks.  This has been an ongoing issue for years.  I’d previously seen other chiropractors but didn’t feel better after numerous visits.  I just had to take Advil. 

A friend who has been a Khalsa Chiropractic patient strongly recommended I see Dr. Mha Atma.  Based on previous experience I was a little skeptical, but I gave it a try. 

I was really put at ease at how thorough my first visit and consult were and by Dr. Mha Atma’s approach.  He recommended weekly visits to correct the problem in addition to stretching exercises. 

I’ve had chronic neck and back pain from previous injuries in car accidents and right now, four months after beginning treatment with Dr. Mha Atma, this is the best I’ve felt in years.  The doctor is great and adjusts in a way that never hurts. 

I would recommend chiropractic care to others because it’s proven so beneficial for me.  I am now a firm believer in chiropractic treatment.  The doctor and the team at Khalsa Chiropractic are great and always make you feel at ease.


Linda Watts


I fell over a year ago and I had been in pain off and on ever since, but when I was rear-ended the pain became constant.  I would drink comfrey or chamomile tea at night to ease the pain.  The pain was in my neck and arm and back, and it was pretty painful.   

My lawyer recommended Khalsa Chiropractic.  I had not been to a chiropractor in 20 years and I wasn’t sure it would help.  I figured it was worth a try, and if it didn’t help I could always go to an acupuncturist. 

I loved the music here and the proximity to my house.  It was easy to get here and to be here.  Dr. Mha Atma was very professional and did not mess around.  He recommended frequent treatments, exercises and attendance at the Wellness Workshop. 

I felt good during and after each treatment.  Toward the time I was scheduled to come back I started to feel tightness and discomfort again.  The progression of pain diminished steadily over the three months of my treatment.  I kept my appointments as scheduled—in fact I looked forward to them. 

I would recommend chiropractic because the pressure is relieved by chiropractic treatment.  I really feel the difference.  I really understand the benefits of getting treated on a regular basis.  There is a feeling of well-being and relief after each time! 

The staff is very nice and friendly.  I like the energy and atmosphere of the office.  The patients are all around friendly as well.  I have not regretted for a minute that my lawyer referred me here.  It was a pleasant experience and I would recommend Dr. Mha Atma to all my friends who are in need of feeling better.  Thank you for helping me!


Myron Dyer


A couple of years ago I fell out of a tree and landed on the ground on my back.  Ever since then I have had lower back pain.  Sometimes it was severe.  I used heating pads and icy hot on it but these gave only some temporary relief.  I had never before seen a chiropractor. 

A co-worker recommended Khalsa Chiropractic and informed me of the benefits to wellness of chiropractic care and said it might cure my back pain.  I was skeptical at first.  My first impression when I arrived was that the office was very professional and not a typical medical practice.  Dr. Mha Atma gave many good recommendations, including a series of chiropractic adjustments and exercises to keep my spine in good condition. 

I have experienced a major improvement in my spine as a result of chiropractic treatment.  I have not used any heating pads or icy hot since beginning care, and the back pain is mostly gone.  I now most definitely recommend chiropractic care to others because it really works.  My skepticism is gone and I am now a 100% believer.


Elliot Montague


I had severe sciatica and lower back pain—to the point where I couldn’t move and had to be bed bound.  The pain was shooting into my left hip and sometimes down my leg.  This had been happening on and off for 14 years starting at the early age of 21.  I took ibuprofen a lot and sometimes a muscle relaxant.  At times it was so painful I had to go to the ER.  When this occurred, I knew I needed a good healer! 

I had seen other chiropractors but they could never help me get to the root of the pain. Because of the severe pain and how it was affecting my life and my mental health—my ability to do and enjoy things—I decided to give chiropractic another try.  I had great referrals from friends who swore by Dr. Mha Atma’s treatment so I came to see him. 

The office has such great energy, and Dr. Mha Atma was super thorough with me and explained exactly what was going on.  I felt very taken care of.  He advised frequent treatment at first along with exercises at home and dietary and supplement regimens.  I felt relief right away but better and better as time progressed.  I also felt more relaxed and welcoming of pain—I was less scared when pain came.  I knew that I was in good hands and that I could heal myself! 

I now definitely recommend chiropractic to others—I think it can be very beneficial for so many discomforts, illnesses and general pain.  I very much believe in it when it is integrated with self-care, nutrition and restful sleep.  I get adjusted every two weeks now and it keeps me feeling good.  I also now see a fantastic acupuncturist and that along with regular chiropractic is great. 

I love how Khalsa Chiropractic feels like a community space.  I can tell that Dr. Mha Atma cares deeply about his practice and about healing his patients.


Lucas Deloffre


I first came to Khalsa Chiropractic for a stuck neck.  This is something that happened regularly to me.  Several friends recommended Dr. Mha Atma and when I moved back to L.A. from abroad I decided to come for regular chiropractic maintenance.  Dr. Mha Atma got me back on my feet quickly—within a couple of visits my neck was feeling normal again. 

I have been seeing a chiropractor regularly for twenty years now.  When I began to have back issues at age 20, having grown up using alternative medicine like homeopathy, I immediately turned to chiropractic.  I saw chiropractors in Santa Cruz and San Francisco during the six years I lived there. 

I loved this place since the moment I first arrived in 2006, nine years ago.  Dr. Mha Atma is very attentive, caring and gentle.  I absolutely love everyone who works here.  I wish I lived closer! 

I have continued with chiropractic care because it works for me.  Sometimes I show up sluggish and stuck and I feel like I’m floating out of the office after the adjustment.  Chiropractic gives me an improved feeling of general well-being and more energy.  Both of my parents are chiropractic patients—it has been a welcome addition to their good health regimens. 

I recommend chiropractic to anyone who is suffering from anything—I tell them to get adjusted first before they resort to anything else.  I recommend it because it works—it allows your own body’s healing mechanisms to do the work instead of relying on allopathic measures and medicine which are often toxic! 

If you have recently started chiropractic care, I recommend you keep going!  Eat well, exercise and try to use alternative medicine for everything except emergencies.  I love chiropractic and I will always recommend it, particularly with such a great practitioner as Dr. Mha Atma!   

Khalsa Chiropractic is like family.  Keep up the great work and good vibes!


Christopher Choo


I first came to Khalsa Chiropractic because I felt very fatigued, and I wanted to have more energy.  I had always heard chiropractic was great, and I had a good experience in the past.  A friend of mine who had had great results recommended I see Dr. Mha Atma. 

When I first came to this office, I had a very good feeling.  Everyone was very caring and concerned.  Dr. Mha Atma recommended that I come for treatment every week.  My energy and overall well-being improved with every visit! 

Years later I am still coming regularly.  I always feel better after I leave.  A short chiropractic adjustment makes me feel like I’ve had a two-hour massage.  I feel more relaxed, more limber, and have more energy. 

I have recommended chiropractic to many people.  My wife is a patient here and she has experienced a lot of benefit.  I suggest that once you start chiropractic care, you stick with it and do it regularly.  It’s great.  It helps me get through the week.  My body is stronger now!


Robert Hickland


I had severe stress and bodily pain in my lower back, middle back and neck.  This was the result of being hit by an elderly man who had lost control of his car and impacted my car on my driver’s side at high speed without braking.  After the accident I also suffered from post-traumatic stress syndrome which led to other physical problems.  It has been four months now and I still have not driven since the night of the accident. 

After the accident I was in deep shock, stunned.  I felt that something had broken inside me and I asked for an ambulance.  I had x-rays of my back and nothing was broken.  My body’s stress resulted in a hemorrhoid which required surgery.  I was taking Aleve and aspirin for my neck and back pain but I have unpleasant reactions to medications.  I knew I needed a diagnosis of what was causing my pain and treatment to help me recover. 

I had been to a chiropractor only a few times previously, but I have always had a positive feeling about chiropractic as a way to obtain relief and healing.  When I first came to this office, six weeks after the accident, I found it to be soothing, peaceful and professional.  Dr. Mha Atma’s calm demeanor made me feel comfortable from the start.  The receptionist was wonderful too.

Dr. Mha Atma had me come in for frequent chiropractic treatments, and he gave me back and neck exercises to do at home and advice on posture, sleeping and diet.  He also suggested I attend his wellness class which I found educational and enlightening.  During the three months of regular treatment the pain moved to different locations but gradually evened out and has continually improved.  I am feeling very much better now. 

After learning and experiencing that the spine is a gateway to other functioning body parts, I know and understand its importance to general balance and well-being, and I definitely recommend chiropractic care to anyone looking to improve their health.  It was great to put my trust in Dr. Mha Atma and commit to getting well.  Vanessa and the whole staff are more than accommodating, very pleasant, great to work with and helpful in working with my daily schedule to make sure I get the appointments I need.  Dr. Mha Atma was always prompt and on time.  My treatment here has been a very positive experience!


Michelle Addison


For a month I was having constant pain and stiffness in my lower back and hip and also in my neck.  My mobility was limited, I had difficulty bending, and I could not lift my right leg to put on pants.  Taking Aleve gave minimal relief. 

My brother recommended me to Khalsa Chiropractic.  I had been to a chiropractor before and was sure it would help.  Everyone at this office was extremely friendly and professional.  Dr. Mha Atma struck me as very knowledgeable.  He recommended strengthening exercises, regular chiropractic treatment and a healthy diet. 

Over the past two months I have gotten progressively better.  I do not have any pain and I have regained my mobility.  I’ve had excellent results, so I have been recommending chiropractic care to a number of other people.  I am confident that chiropractic works if you follow the treatment plan and exercise.


Janae Marin


I had tightness and stiffness in my neck, shoulders and shoulder blades for years!  My lower back had been painful for a year from a past car accident.  And my wrists had bothered me also for the past year.  Deep tissue massage gave me some temporary relief.  Physical therapy exercises offered minor relief but my symptoms persisted.  I occasionally took ibuprofen but I tried to avoid taking it very much. 

I had never been to a chiropractor before.  Khalsa Chiropractic is four blocks from my home.  After several years I finally stopped procrastinating and decided to give it a try.  I had nothing to lose. 

I was hesitant to try chiropractic but optimistic it would help.  I found the office to be cozy, professional, and well-streamlined.  The staff showed me a couple of informative videos.  Dr. Mha Atma showed me exercises for my neck and back and how to use a “flex bar” to strengthen my wrists, and he recommended a series of chiropractic adjustments. 

I felt some improvement within the first few visits and was much improved after the first couple of months.  Now after less than three months I am feeling much better!  My uncle had back problems from a work injury and went to a chiropractor and he too feels much better, with increased mobility.  I have recommended chiropractic to a few of my accounting colleagues who, like me, have to sit all day, which makes us stiff.   

I should have come here sooner.  I enjoy the walk to and from the office in the morning.  Chiropractic is so simple—and no drugs or surgery!


Emily Keith


I was having intense soreness and throbbing on the right side of my neck.  It would often cause headaches.  It had been going on for a month and it would sometimes affect my vision, especially while I was using my computer at work.  I tried some exercises and getting neck massages, but that would only help temporarily.  I was taking Advil for the pain, which would help but also only temporarily. 

I was referred to Khalsa Chiropractic by my primary physician after I explained that other treatments were not fully helping.  I used to be a dancer and would often feel pain in my lower back.  Chiropractic treatment had helped me then, so I knew it would help this time. 

My first impression when coming here was that his office felt very Zen and centered on healthy healing.  I felt that right way with Dr. Mha Atma.  He recommended sticking to a treatment plan of twice weekly adjustments (later once weekly) and doing daily exercises.  Thus far (after two months), everything has been great and the time we have put into our treatment has really helped.  I feel much better now. 

I have already referred one friend to Dr. Mha Atma and she has started treatment.  I see now, firsthand, how truly beneficial chiropractic care is and the results of taking good care of your body.  This has been a great overall experience and I look forward to my continued care with Dr. Mha Atma.


Greg Alvarado


After a car accident I started to feel discomfort that led to pain from my neck down to my lower back.  My partner Brenda and the attorney that I consulted both told me to go to Khalsa Chiropractic as soon as possible.


I was able to see Dr. Mha Atma the day of the accident although I wasn’t sure he could help. 



Dr. Mha Atma suggested I come for frequent adjustments and weekly massage as well as continue my daily workouts.  After the first couple of treatments I could see that chiropractic was helping me feel better.  Now after just two months the tension and soreness in my neck and back are gone, and I also feel even better than I did before the accident.  I’ve always felt this heavy weight I was carting on my back; now I feel light and very good.  I haven’t felt sooooo good in a long time.


Thanks, Dr. Mha Atma!  You are truly a great doctor, and like a gift from the stars above.  Martha!—you are very nice and friendly and have a warm voice and I’m glad you work here.  Vanessa and Esperanza!—you two work really great together—it’s not too often you find family that work together in such a friendly way and do such a good job.  Mimi!—you are truly awesome in what you do, and your great spirited massages really relaxed and healed me and I liked that they put me to sleep!


Now I am telling all my friends, family, co-workers and people I run into about chiropractic.  I feel very lucky to have found Khalsa Chiropractic and I hope I can continue coming.  The office is cozy, friendly and fun.  Everyone is super great.


Enrique Lopez


I was having neck pain and headaches for years.  The pain could be up to 7/10 at times, and caused me to be unable to focus or concentrate.  The problem persisted and I could not seem to do anything about it.  I took aspirin or ibuprofen sometimes but I did not like taking it daily. 

I heard good things about Khalsa Chiropractic from a friend.  I had some chiropractic care 20 years ago and it seemed helpful, but never had any explanation how it helps.  I found Khalsa Chiropractic to be a pleasant and very healing environment.  Dr. Mha Atma recommended stretches, eating healthier and ways to integrate well-being throughout my day, along with chiropractic adjustments.  And he helped me understand how chiropractic works to unlock stiff joints in the spine and reduce nerve irritation. 

My results have been excellent.  I have much less pain, more energy, feel better, I’m more productive and I have an overall feeling of well-being.  My family lives in Mexico and they have had chiropractic care there and it has helped them feel better too. 

With chiropractic care I feel better in all aspects of my life. I am able to focus, feel energetic and healthier, and have a better outlook on life.  I have been treated here with respect, kindness and with great care for my overall well-being.


Celia Beuzieron


I was in a car accident.  I was hit very hard by a taxi and soon I had very strong pain in my back and my neck and my shoulders.  The pain kept getting worse and I had a bad headache.  I found a good lawyer and he referred me to Khalsa Chiropractic.  I was a little bit doubtful if it would help. 

I found the office to be very welcoming.  Dr. Mha Atma explained what chiropractic is and what it could do for me.  He recommended a series of treatments and exercises for my neck.  I started to feel a little better from the very first treatment. 

Now after three months I have no more pain in my shoulders and my back feels almost healed with just a little pain once in a while.  And most of all my neck, which was the worst part, feels amazingly better! 

I have probably told at least five of my friends about chiropractic, and because it prevented me from continuing to suffer from severe pain after my accident I will keep recommending it to others.  I love chiropractic and want to continue on a maintenance program to prevent any future pain and keep myself in good shape.


Jacob Vaughan


I had major pain in my chest and sternum for six months.  It was constant and very painful.  Massages helped a little but not much. 

A friend suggested I try seeing Dr. Mha Atma at Khalsa Chiropractic.  I had never been to a chiropractor before but I was willing to try something new.  I was doubtful but hopeful. 

My first impression of Dr. Mha Atma and his office was very comfortable.  Dr. Mha Atma examined me and recommended regular visits—twice weekly at first.  After six months of pain, I had immediate relief from the treatment and gradual more long-term relief.  No more chest pain. 

I would now recommend chiropractic to folks who are in pain or wanting to improve their health.  It is good preventative care.  It’s now a regular part of my health regimen.


Jeremy De Cohen


I had a motorcycle crash and my lower back and groin were very painful and my neck was very sore.   I had to use crutches and it was hard to move.  The painkillers they gave me at the hospital did not help. I had been a patient at Khalsa Chiropractic since I was a child so I came to see Dr. Mha Atma soon afterward.  And I took natural remedies like arnica and blueberries and bone-healing supplements. 

I had no doubt that chiropractic would help me—Khalsa is the best.  And Khalsa Chiropractic is a friendly and comfortable place to be.  Dr. Mha Atma recommended I come for adjustments twice weekly for a month or so and then once weekly for a couple of months.  My discomfort level went down a ton with the treatment and the exercises he showed me.  The treatment here has made all the difference. 

I have always liked chiropractic care and this latest experience sure hasn’t changed my mind.  It has helped me and my sister and others in my family.  I recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their health because how can you be healthy if your spine is out of line?


Nakai Mawema


For over a month I had pain from my lower back travelling down my right thigh to my leg, and numbness in my right calf and bottom of my foot.  It was hard to sit all day at work and my leg felt weak while I was walking. 

I took over the counter pain medicine but it didn’t really work.  I went to one chiropractor who gave me a couple of exercises that were very painful and I would actually dread my next visit.  Then a friend recommended that I come see Dr. Mha Atma.  I was doubtful by then that chiropractic would help me, but when I came the office was very pleasant and peaceful and the doctor was calm and professional. 


Dr. Mha Atma gave me some new exercises and recommended that I come for treatment 3 times per week at first.  My leg pain slowly improved—after a month or two it was much better.  I gradually came less often and now come every two weeks. 

I now recommend chiropractic care to others—my sisters came to see Dr. Mha Atma and chiropractic has been good for them although they have not been as consistent with treatment.  I now know that chiropractic really does work, although it takes time and you have to be consistent with it. 


This office has been great and very professional.  I am not the kind of person to stick to any kind of treatment for long, but I still keep coming back so it must be working!


Vanessa Ramsay


I was suffering from extreme lower back pain.  I was not able to stand up straight, sit, walk or lay down without extreme pain.  I had neck pain as well.  It all started after a car accident and had been going on for seven months.  The problem was completely debilitating, affecting all aspects of life.  

I had been seeing a chiropractor during those seven months as well as a massage therapist and a physical therapist.  I had made some progress but now my back had become really bad.   I had been taking prescription pain killers as needed as well as very strong muscle relaxers.  I don't like taking any of these medications.  

A friend shared her experience with Dr. Mha Atma, boasting about what an amazing chiropractor he was and how much he had helped her and quickly.  She advised that I schedule an appointment when I called her in excruciating pain. I had no doubt that chiropractic would help as it has in the past.  I was getting what I thought were progressive results with the prior chiropractor.  


I had nowhere near the results and quite quickly as I have had with Dr. Mha Atma.  I have progressed more in 3 months with Dr. Mha Atma than with all three doctors in the 7 months.  Dr. Mha Atma is no doubt an amazing, knowledgeable professional.  He exceeds all expectations.  I am so thankful that I found him.  I am now able to take full strides while walking and can even get into the gym.  I can now carry out most household duties (carefully, of course).   

Dr. Mha Atma recommends that I keep up with my stretching and maintain as healthy a lifestyle as possible. Once I am feeling like I am back to normal, I will still continue routine checkup appointments to keep everything in line.  


My father-in-law is also a patient for lower back pain.  Dr. Mha Atma is helping him to regain his back health.  I have told dozens of people about Khalsa Chiropractic and I would recommend Dr. Mha Atma to anyone!  And the office is cozy, and the staff are all extremely helpful and compassionate.


Dean Selk


I had extreme lower back pain.  I could not bend down and touch my toes.  I was not able to sleep well.  The pain radiated down my right leg.  I had the problem since I was 21—at least seven years.  On a scale of 1 to 10 it was a 10 the whole time. 

I had been briefly to two different chiropractors before over the years but with no success.  I was not taking medications and I decided to try coming to Khalsa Chiropractic because I knew it would be much more safe than going to the hospital. 

My experience here has been great and extremely helpful.  Dr. Mha Atma taught me exercises to strengthen my lower back and gave me a series of chiropractic adjustments—3 times a week at first and gradually less often.  Now I am coming every other week and I feel great—I can move my back without pain.  My overall pain level is down to 1 or 2 out of 10. 

I have recommended chiropractic care to a half dozen people or more because it works and it’s so much better than hospitals or medical doctors for back problems.  Dr. Mha Atma actually cares about his patients—more than other doctors I have seen.


Paula Baker


For about four months I had severe pain and numbness and pins and needles down my left leg to my toes.  I was able to work but not much else.  My work requires me to walk from place to place in several very large buildings.  It was difficult. 

I was given anti-inflammatory drugs and a steroid pack and physical therapy stretches.  Nothing helped. 

A relative recommended I try coming to Khalsa Chiropractic.  I had never been to a chiropractor before.  I was open to the possibility that it might help. 

I was impressed by the office:  well-organized, with a good program of introduction and education about chiropractic treatment and the rationale for it.  Dr. Mha Atma recommended a sensible series of gentle chiropractic adjustments and to continue as much activity as possible without pain.  It took some patience but over the next several weeks and months my symptoms gradually and then greatly improved. 

I would recommend chiropractic care because it makes sense and allows the body to heal itself as much as possible.  I’ve talked about it to everyone who I thought might be interested.  I now feel very positive about chiropractic.  And the office staff here has been great.  Thanks!!


Megan Plante


I suffered whiplash twice from being rear-ended twice in two months.  After the first accident I was very uncomfortable with a lot of stiffness and soreness in my neck and shoulders.  A co-worker highly recommended that I see Dr. Mha Atma right after my first accident and I am so grateful I followed his advice!   

My mom had seen a chiropractor before and so had my husband, so I thought it would help.  I was pleasantly surprised by the extra care, friendliness and knowledge of Dr. Mha Atma and his staff.  Dr. Mha Atma recommended a schedule of adjustments as well as stretches to do at home.  He also suggested a special neck pillow from the office which I continue to use every night. 

I had two weeks of feeling really uncomfortable and then began to experience great relief.  Each time I came in I felt better and better.  I needed several months of care because less than two months after starting treatment I was rear-ended again!  But I quickly improved again with continued chiropractic adjustments. 

I have had fantastic results!  After being rear-ended twice, I no longer have shoulder or neck pain or stiffness.  I am continuing to come in once a month on my own because I am so happy with the results.  I definitely recommend chiropractic to others—if the issue can be resolved rather than having a temporary fix, the small amount of time it takes to come to the chiropractor is well worth it! My current feeling about chiropractic: love it and trust it, especially Dr. Mha Atma. 

My husband and I are expecting a baby in January 2014.  It’s great that Dr. Mha Atma has the knowledge and skill for prenatal chiropractic care as well.  So far it has made me to continue to feel comfortable and healthy at this very important time.


Israel Rodriguez


My wife and son and I were in a car accident.  I had back pain and hip pain and neck pain.  It hurt most of the time.  I had to be on my feet 16 hours a day which made it worse.  It didn’t feel comfortable even just standing upright. 

My friend recommended I come to Khalsa Chiropractic.  I had been to a chiropractor before but I did not know Dr. Mha Atma and I was a skeptic.   

I was impressed with the way the doctor presented himself and with his knowledge about natural health care and natural remedies. He recommended exercises and stretching and chiropractic adjustments two to three times a week.  Dr. Mha Atma was so amazing—I have had tremendous results.  He also helped my wife and my son.  I have had much more energy, much less pain, been more upbeat.  I got my life back in its right pulse. 

I have told my family and co-workers about the benefits of chiropractic.  It helps in so many ways!  I will always be a believer in chiropractic care.  I recommend to others:  Do what Dr. Mha Atma recommends.  His years of experience really show and you will see results faster.  Avoid medications—nature has created remedies for us for centuries.


Tranquilino Hipolito


I was in a bad car accident.  I had a lot of pain in my upper and lower back, chest, hips and neck.  I was in a lot of pain—so much that I could not do my regular daily tasks or work.  I went to the doctor and they told me to take pain killers and rest.  That was not helping at all. 

My attorney recommended that I come to Khalsa Chiropractic.  I had never been to a chiropractor before.  I was doubtful. 

The office was interesting and different.  Dr. Mha Atma told me to live my life regularly as much as possible but recommended back exercises and stretches along with frequent treatments.  I began to feel much better.  My aches and pains improved after every visit and slowly went away.  I also brought my daughter because her back was aching and she felt much better with only one visit. 

I would recommend chiropractic treatment because it does work!  It is a much better alternative than taking pills.  I enjoy it.  It is very relaxing and pain free. 

Thank you for helping with my pain.  I was skeptical but not anymore.  I feel much better now.  Thank you!


Karen Dickenson


I’ve had problems due to severe spondylosis causing neck pain and headaches for 25 years off and on and lower back pain for 15 years.  I have had dozens of lumbar steroid injections over the years.  I traveled, living many places in the U.S. and always sought out chiropractors until 10 years ago.  Then I could not afford to continue. 

My friend Bill told me to come see Dr. Mha Atma because Bill had found him very helpful.  I did think it would help, although there are many different chiropractic techniques and some seem more helpful than others.  I found the office to be very warm, a caring staff, lots of good information, tea and apples.   

Dr. Mha Atma recommended a series of treatments to relieve lower back pain and spasms and heal my neck and back.  I came twice a week for four weeks, once a week for six weeks and phased into maintenance care.  I’ve been a patient here for a year now.  I have continued because the treatment gave me great relief of headaches and lower back pain—the longest lasting relief I have had in 20 years. 

Chiropractic is a non-surgical procedure that can actually heal chronic conditions.  You have to give it time for good, healthy lasting results.  I really believe in it as a health alternative to western medicine.  My health has approved immensely thanks to the Khalsa Chiropractic “touch of healing.”


Tanya Hekimian


I was first introduced to Khalsa Chiropractic 17 years ago.  I love Dr. Mha Atma and his office and his family—they are professional, understanding, kind and caring.  I have continued chiropractic care because it works to heal (sciatica in my case) and to prevent future issues.  It’s an integral part of my health care plan! 

As a result of chiropractic care, I have no more sciatic pain or numbness.  I have more energy and I feel great!  My husband and now our son are both patients.  My son is a nationally ranked archer and he benefits greatly from chiropractic care.  I have told hundreds of people about chiropractic.  I recommend it because it is non-invasive and doesn’t require drugs.  It is effective and promotes overall health. 

My advice to someone who has just started chiropractic care:  Great move!  Stick with it and look for other ways to make healthy choices and changes in your life. I love chiropractic care!  Dr. Mha Atma is amazing and anyone who comes under his care can expect to feel his positive healing touch!

Jackie Hill


I had intermittent back pain that I had ignored for many years.  However one day I could not get out of bed.  I had self-diagnosed my pain as sciatica, and when I went to the doctors they prescribed ibuprofen and muscle relaxants.  Neither drug provided much relief.  I also tried acupuncture which didn’t give relief either. 

I first came to Khalsa Chiropractic because I was ready to try anything!  I just didn’t know much about how chiropractic worked.  Dr. Mha Atma explained chiropractic and my issues very simply, and I liked that.  He answered all of my questions.  His office is very cozy, like a living room and I especially liked the variety of music. 

He advised that I come twice a week initially.  The results were excellent.  Over a period of several months I progressed from twice weekly visits to once a month.  Once I felt better however I stopped coming.  Then I returned after several years when my condition worsened and medical doctors were recommending injections and surgery.  I now continue to come once per month and am doing very well. 

I have continued with chiropractic care because it really works!  I am an active person and chiropractic keeps me moving and pain free.  I recommend chiropractic all the time, especially to those in their 60’s like me.  I tell people it works and it doesn’t require taking any drugs.  And I recommend they stick with it and not stop the care when their immediate pain or symptoms disappear. 

The staff here at Khalsa Chiropractic is warm, friendly and patient.  Hope is so flexible in helping me make scheduling adjustments.  I really appreciate the reminder calls and especially value my free birthday adjustment.  I now feel that chiropractic is a necessary component of taking good care of my body!


Kasandra Devorse Jasper


I hurt my lower back three years ago in an exercise class.  The next year I saw a chiropractor for a while and it improved.  After a while the pain came back—I had constant nagging pain in my back like a toothache.  The pain was radiating into my left thigh.  I was taking all kinds of medications and pain killers but it wasn’t helping the problem. 

A good friend saw me walking and could tell I was in pain.  He told me about his doctor--Dr. Mha Atma—so I decided to come see him.  I was confident that it would help. 

The staff at Khalsa Chiropractic and the doctor were all good people, very nice to talk to, and I felt they were really here to help me.  Dr. Mha Atma suggested I come for treatment twice a week at first, and within a few weeks I felt much better.  Now after two months I am able to walk with little or no pain. 

I have told all of my friends who have any pain in their body to try chiropractic.  I recommend it and feel very good about it and I hope I can keep coming to stay healthy.


Tien Tran


I was having constant pain in my lower back and in my neck.  The pain was a 10 on a scale of one to ten.  I was in a car accident last year.  We were hit from behind, and the whole time I received treatment (but no adjustments) at another chiropractic office I was in pain and not getting better.  I took Vicodin and muscle relaxants and they didn’t work at all. 

My friends told me about Dr. Khalsa so, despite my doubts, I decided to try chiropractic one last time because over years of pain no one was able to help me.   

Everyone at Khalsa Chiropractic was really nice and helpful.  I liked the video explaining the procedure and I appreciated Dr. Khalsa explaining everything he was going to do and why. 

My results with treatment at Khalsa Chiropractic have been great!  My back stopped hurting when I came twice a week and now we are down to once per week.  I feel 100 percent better.  I also brought my granddaughter, who had some back pain, to be checked out.  She felt better after two visits.  I have been recommending people to this office because this is the first time I have been helped and I want to share the success. 

Dr. Mha Atma Khalsa is wonderful.  He knows what he is doing and is an open and caring person.  I like him a lot.  He answers all my questions and his staff is great.  I can now say that I love chiropractic!  Thank you.


Juanita Greer


I was having constant pain in my lower back and in my neck.  The pain was a 10 on a scale of one to ten.  I was in a car accident last year.  We were hit from behind, and the whole time I received treatment (but no adjustments) at another chiropractic office I was in pain and not getting better.  I took Vicodin and muscle relaxants and they didn’t work at all. 

My friends told me about Dr. Khalsa so, despite my doubts, I decided to try chiropractic one last time because over years of pain no one was able to help me.   

Everyone at Khalsa Chiropractic was really nice and helpful.  I liked the video explaining the procedure and I appreciated Dr. Khalsa explaining everything he was going to do and why. 

My results with treatment at Khalsa Chiropractic have been great!  My back stopped hurting when I came twice a week and now we are down to once per week.  I feel 100 percent better.  I also brought my granddaughter, who had some back pain, to be checked out.  She felt better after two visits.  I have been recommending people to this office because this is the first time I have been helped and I want to share the success. 

Dr. Mha Atma Khalsa is wonderful.  He knows what he is doing and is an open and caring person.  I like him a lot.  He answers all my questions and his staff is great.  I can now say that I love chiropractic!  Thank you.


Lindsay Pulsipher


I had headaches and tension and stress in my neck and shoulders for several years.  I took ibuprofen but didn’t like the idea of popping a pill to take care of a problem that seemed treatable in other ways.  My friend Kris suggested I try chiropractic—I was a little doubtful but mostly optimistic! 

When I came to Khalsa Chiropractic everyone seemed very efficient and friendly and the office was warm and inviting.  Dr. Mha Atma recommended that I see him on a weekly basis for a while, then every other week, and that I pay attention to my diet and exercise. 

After less than three months of chiropractic treatment my headaches and neck tension have eased up considerably!   My body and my mind feel great!   

Chiropractic is a simple practice but so effective.  It’s healthy maintenance for your body and you’ll feel wonderful!  I would highly recommend chiropractic care as a way to get your body back to its natural state.  I am so happy that I am able to live pain free without taking any medication. 

Thank you for everything you do!  My life has changed because of your care.


Kris Bernard


I was having pain in my neck and my arm and my back.  It was persistent all the time but worse at night.  Sometimes I was unable to turn my neck at all without pain.  I saw a doctor for my arm pain and the treatment was to avoid typing.  I also was taking 800 mg of ibuprofen.  I didn’t like taking it because I didn’t like the idea of taking meds just to survive. 

A coworker recommended chiropractic.  I said he felt great after treatment with Dr. Mha Atma.  I had only been to a chiropractor before when I was five years old. 

My first impression of the office was that it felt more casual than corporate.  Dr. Mha Atma told me I would need regular treatments for a couple of months.  He also advised me that it would help to sleep on my back. 

After two months of treatment I feel like I’m taking a positive step towards health.  It has improved the way I feel and I haven’t had any pain since starting treatment. 

My parents both have chronic back issues and see chiropractors.  It has lessened their pain.  I’ve been telling people about the benefits of chiropractic and I think it’s a crucial part of a healthy life.  I’m glad I started treatment with Dr. Mha Atma because I felt sore and felt like I was older than I really am!


Sandra Harrell


I had chronic lower back pain.  I was unable to manage the pain without neurological medications.  The side effects were awful.  Injections were required.  I was considered a candidate for surgery due to lumbar and cervical degeneration. 

A friend who was seeing a chiropractor in another city recommended that I try chiropractic, and I found my way to Dr. Mha Atma’s office.  I had never been to a chiropractor before but I was optimistic that it would help.  My first experience of the office left me hopeful.  Dr. Mha Atma recommended that I see him twice weekly for a short time and then weekly, and recommended some exercises as well. 

I experienced relief of my pain with regular chiropractic visits.  I added acupuncture and swimming which helped even more.  I have now been a patient for a few years and I am doing very well.  I no longer need medication.  I continue with preventative care every few weeks to manage any pain. 

I have told many people about my experience with chiropractic.  It is a great alternative for managing inflammation and staying healthy.  My advice for those just starting chiropractic care:  Be patient—it may not happen overnight.  Ask questions.  Be willing to do some work. 

The staff here at Khalsa Chiropractic has always been professional, helpful and willing to work with my schedule.  It has been a great experience.


Mirian De La Cruz


When I first came to Khalsa Chiropractic I was having severe lower back pain.  The pain caused me to walk a little sideways because my right leg was in so much pain.  The pain had lasted three years.  I was not able to sit properly, nor to sleep at night. 

I had been to several healers throughout the course of the three years.  I went to a doctor who recommended a shot and pills for the pain.  They were not effective most of the time.  My sister recommended that I try a chiropractor and referred me to Khalsa Chiropractic.  I had never been to a chiropractor before—I didn’t even know they existed! 

I had never been to an office like this before.  I was actually informed of the process I was going to go through.  I didn’t know if it would help, but after the first treatment here I was able to walk straight, so I was convinced that I was in the right hands.  Besides chiropractic treatment, Dr. Mha Atma recommended some exercises that would help my back get stronger, and to eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

After six weeks of treatment, I feel very good.   I have not felt this way for three years.  My back feels good and my leg pain is gone.  Chiropractic has helped my body heal itself without having to use medications.

I would definitely recommend chiropractic to other people, especially if they have tried other options which didn’t work.  I feel that more people should be informed about the benefits of seeing a chiropractor.  I am very pleased with the treatment I have received here and I strongly believe it has been the best thing I’ve ever done for my low back problem.



Carol Morgan


I have been a Khalsa Chiropractic patient since 2003, over nine years ago. The first time I came to see Dr. Mha Atma I walked into the waiting room and was immediately aware of a very special energy and felt very comfortable. I felt similarly upon meeting the doctor. He is a healer.


I have continued chiropractic care because I have some chronic problems from car accidents (rear ended). Chiropractic has consistently relieved my chronic pain and improved my general sense of well-being. I come for adjustments once or twice a month and always leave feeling better.


I have recommended many friends to Khalsa Chiropractic and they were all very pleased. I encourage them to try chiropractic care both to improve their health and to stay healthy. I recommend continuing chiropractic treatment as a life-long health measure. I think it is very important to maintaining good health and well-being over a lifetime.


I rate Dr. Mha Atma and the Khalsa Chiropractic office as Quadruple A+, excellent and superb!


Meghan Sheridan

My neck was constantly stiff and it hurt to turn my head left.  I was always getting bad tension headaches and migraines.  I had been experiencing a painful knot in my back for over six months.  It hurt so much that it was uncomfortable to sleep and interfering with my work day.  I would constantly be taking Advil and migraine medication.


I had been to see everyone—my primary care physician, a physical therapist, a yoga instructor, a neurologist, and an acupuncturist…the list goes on!  My physician and neurologist just kept prescribing migraine medication.  The other people (physical therapist, yoga instructor, acupuncturist) treated the symptoms and not the problem.  I was taking several migraine medications and felt dependent on them.   

I decided to try chiropractic because I had tried everything else and nothing helped!  And I couldn’t afford to get massages and acupuncture all the time.  I was somewhat doubtful that chiropractic would help but only because nothing had helped before. 

I loved the office!  It was cozy and homey and I love the “geode” room full of crystals.  I also loved how the doctor gives a monthly Wellness Workshop and really cares about his patients.  He taught me stretches and explained which joints in my spine were locked. 

I started out getting chiropractic adjustments twice a week and now after a few months I am coming twice a month.  The plan is very effective, I feel much better, and the appointments only take five minutes!  I immediately feel better after my joints are unblocked. 

I feel it is very important to be aware of your body.  I was unaware how much my locked joints were affecting every aspect of my life.  I have recommended chiropractic to other people I know.  I tell them I love it and it makes a huge difference.  I actually look forward to the appointments! 

Dr. Mha Atma truly cares about his patients and will take the time to walk you through every step of the process.  The office is a very comfy place with apples and tea.  They are also very flexible about appointment times for those with busy schedules.  Going to the chiropractor has changed my life!



Marjorie Josaphat    


I had been experiencing lower back pain for over 20 years and neck and shoulder pain and stiffness for two to three years.  All of the pain was pretty severe—it affected the quality of my life.  I always felt stiff which led to feeling tired.  Most doctors would shrug and tell me to do stretching exercises or would give me pain medication. 

One of my co-workers is a patient of Dr. Mha Atma.  One day when I was discussing my neck and back issues she described how good she felt after seeing him.  She gave me Dr. Mha Atma’s phone number and the rest is history.  I had my doubts at first, but I was hopeful because I wanted some sort of relief. 

I was impressed from the first phone call with the helpfulness, friendliness and kindness of the staff.  Besides chiropractic treatment, Dr. Mha Atma recommended exercises and we talked about diet and vitamin supplements.  It’s now been less than three months since I started regular chiropractic treatment and I feel much better.  I have more energy and less pain.  And the treatment time is minimal which I appreciate since I am an extremely busy person. 

My results with chiropractic were so good that I suggested my son Brian come—more for preventative care.  He enjoys the treatment and maintaining his health.  I have already recommended chiropractic care to another co-worker.  It is amazing to me and to others that you don’t have to live with constant pain. 

I now feel that chiropractic is an important part of maintaining good physical health.  It should be routine to go to a chiropractor just as you see your dentist and physician.  I enjoy Dr. Mha Atma’s care and the caring that the entire staff has shown to me and my son.  We enjoy coming to the office.


Lisa Piretto


When I first came to Khalsa Chiropractic I didn’t feel well—I was tired, overweight and in pain.  I had chronic pain in my lower back and pain between my shoulder blades that wouldn’t correct itself after several weeks.  And my neck was stiff.  The lower back pain was from years of dancing and gymnastics—I first noticed a sharp pain about 16 years ago.  I couldn’t sleep well. Sometimes I couldn’t move due to lower back pain. 

I was told to take aspirin but I’m not interested in masking the problem—I would rather get down to the cause and fix it.  My previous experience going to chiropractors for my lower back pain was not helpful—it felt like they didn’t care about helping me and were more interested in insurance and money. 

My neighbor Rhansford Watson recommended Dr. Mha Atma.  He was very enthusiastic.  I was doubtful. 

Now I have to say that this has been the best experience.  The front desk ladies are kind and patient.  There’s an earthiness and style here (magazines, tea and apples) and a genuine feeling of caring and healing.  Dr. Mha Atma said I needed several weeks of twice weekly treatment, then once weekly and now every two weeks.  I attended the Wellness Workshop and was inspired to lose weight and take better care of myself. 

I convinced my mom to come in for an adjustment.  She didn’t believe in chiropractic initially and now sees the benefits and is seeing a chiropractor in Reno where she lives. 

I’m definitely a chiropractic believer now and I recommend it because I want everyone to feel better.  This really works and is so important.  I love chiropractic—it has changed my life!  I feel so lucky to have found this place.  I’m in good hands here and will continue to recommend it and to come in for adjustments.


Alice Lake Zachary


I was exhausted nearly all the time and never experienced one day without pain for more than 25 years.  When I came to Khalsa Chiropractic I could not lift my right arm to wash or brush my hair or even turn the air conditioner on in my car.  I have fibromyalgia which usually manifests in my shoulders, neck and back…also arthritis in my neck and lower back.  For 10 years I had been mostly house bound. 

I’ve had mediation, physical therapy, and Pilates with limited success.  I was still experiencing flu-like symptoms and fatigue.  I tried taking the medicine but it left me feeling dull-headed and even more lethargic. 

When I couldn’t pick up my right arm before having to make an important trip, I asked an acquaintance for a referral and she had high praise for Khalsa Chiropractic.  I had been to a chiropractor 20 years ago and I knew it couldn’t hurt but I wasn’t expecting great results. 

I was irritated that I had to watch a video the first time I came but after viewing it I felt better informed.  I thought the office was cute and I wasn’t sure Dr. Mha Atma would be able to help me because he was so thin. 

Dr. Mha Atma recommended I come three times a week at first but since I was leaving on a trip I could only see him twice the first week.  Then he went out of town when I returned but I wanted to follow his advice so I saw his associate.  The first two treatments help me tremendously and after three days I was able to completely move my arm normally.  I returned three time weekly for a short while, then twice weekly for a few weeks, then once a week.  I was feeling much better, had more energy, my digestion improved and I was craving healthier food.  I was sleeping better and singing the doctor’s praises. 

My husband started complaining about a sore back so I sent him here and bought him a massage as a holiday gift.  He’s not one to say a lot but he doesn’t stay with things that don’t work for him.  He comes regularly now and he seems to have more energy.  I definitely would recommend chiropractic to anyone because it has helped me so much to feel planted firmly in my body.  So far it’s the only thing that has actually worked.  I’ve told everyone I’ve met who complains about pain.  I’ve even told my M.D.s.  

I’m grateful to be able to have chiropractic care.  I wish everyone could experience the kind of healthy benefits I have since following a regimen.  Dr. Mha Atma, Martha, Madeline and Hope all seem cheerful and professional.  I like this office.


Nnenna Nwachuku

I had severe pain radiating from my lower back through my right leg to my toes.  I was also experiencing some numbness.  It was incredibly debilitating—I couldn’t walk or move around for two weeks and walked with a cane for another three weeks.  I was diagnosed by an internist with three bulging discs and was given Vicodin and an anti-inflammatory medication.  I took the drugs for the first week to relieve the pain; however my condition did not improve.  I do not like taking any medications unless absolutely necessary and did not like the prospect of taking them indefinitely. 

I had thought about receiving chiropractic care for years, but I was somewhat fearful of it.  When this body breakdown happened I immediately decided that spinal manipulation might help to relieve my symptoms. 

I crawled into the office the first day because of my pain.  Hope immediately came to my aid.  Dr. Mha Atma gave me a lot of information about my condition.  The office is very warm and welcoming and Dr. Mha Atma is very knowledgeable.  He recommended that I see him four times a week the first two weeks, then twice per week and, after more improvement, once a week. 

I have improved tremendously!  At first I was almost immobile.  After two weeks of care I had about 50 percent pain reduction.  Within the first month I had 90 percent pain relief!  Now after two months of consistent care I have 95 percent pain relief and I feel great! 

Chiropractic has been an incredible help to me and I definitely recommend it—and I’ve already recommended it to five other people.  I have greater stress relief and my posture is able to hold my body better.  I feel that chiropractic care is a necessary part of any wellness program.  I truly appreciate the care—it has helped me so much!


Chrissy Orloff

I have been a Khalsa Chiropractic patient since the Stone Age…or at least since the early 1980’s!  I have always found Dr. Mha Atma to be professional, caring, and light-hearted.   

I have continued with chiropractic for all these years because it always helps me feel better…and because I love Dr. Mha Atma’s strong thumbs…and because it enables me to continue my collection of angel cards (I get one on each visit).  I depend on Dr. Mha Atma’s knowledge and understanding of my body to keep me pain free. 

My auntie Betty is also a long-time patient here and she loves it too! 

I recommend chiropractic care to folks who want to feel better and stay healthy because the energy flow that keeps us healthy is so vital, and that is what chiropractic is about.  It is important to stay with it!  The benefits are multi-leveled. 

The attention and real care that we get here is evident in the sharing that goes on in the waiting room.  The diverse occupations and age groups come together to keep ourselves healthy and invigorated!


Betsy Magruder


I had chronic pain and stiffness in my hip, getting slowly worse, especially since I was thrown off my horse five years ago.  It would get worse after an hour of riding. It was moderately painful and restrictive.  I also had back and neck pain, for about a year.  I was frustrated with this problem and didn’t know what to do about it.  My yoga teacher recommended I see Dr. Mha Atma. 

My impression of Dr. Mha Atma was of quiet competence.  He recommended a few exercises and some ongoing chiropractic care.  I experienced almost immediate improvement in pain and range of motion.  Chiropractic has helped me a lot, so I’ve been telling my friends about it.  After almost three months I still love coming to my treatments because my body always feels so much better after!


Dean Nakanishi


For a few months I had spasm in my lower back and tightness in my upper back.  It was a very stressful time in my life and I was having trouble sleeping.  My friend and co-worker Rahimah Shah saw my pain and convinced me to call and make an appointment to see Dr. Mha Atma. 

I had never been to a chiropractor before.  I was nervous about him cracking my back.  I really liked that he carefully described the process, my condition and what he would do.  He started a series of chiropractic treatments and also gave me recommendations about my posture, yoga exercises, and vitamins. 

The treatment relieved my immediate pain and progressively helped relax my whole body.  Dr. Mha Atma taught me to better care for my overall body and mind.  I now recommend people to see him because of his knowledge about chiropractic and healing.  I am a believer!


Vernice Hankins


For two weeks my lower back was severely locked up and I was experiencing intense pain.  The pain was shooting down my legs.  It interfered with my home and my work life.  I went to an acupuncturist and a chiropractor.  Although I felt some relief, it was temporary. 

I was having chronic back problems.  I really wanted to address the underlying reasons.  And I wanted to find relief without prescription meds. 

I first came to Khalsa Chiropractic through my insurance plan.  I found it very homey, warm and welcoming.  Dr. Mha Atma recommended a series of chiropractic treatments, a high dose of vitamin D, and daily stretching exercises.  After three weeks of 2 or 3 sessions a week, my pain level went from an 8.5 to a 3, and even better after that. 

I recommend chiropractic to others because it has helped me immensely.  I think it should be covered by all insurance.  It should be used as a model for preventative care instead of waiting to get sick to be treated. 

I appreciate all of the knowledge Dr. Mha Atma has shared.  His staff is very sweet and professional.  I also enjoy being able to get in and out of the office so quickly.


Anita Thomas


I had constant pain in my middle and lower back for decades—since the 1980s.  The pain fluctuated from mild to severe. When it was bad I would have to take Tylenol or ibuprofen.  I have sought treatment from many sources:  physical therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic.  The usual diagnosis was related to the sciatic nerve.  Chiropractic has been the one treatment that has consistently helped me. 

When I came to Khalsa Chiropractic I had not had any chiropractic treatment in a few years.  I had no doubt it would help me.  I found Dr. Mha Atma through my insurance plan.  I liked the location and the staff and found the doctor to be very kind and nurturing.  And the location was convenient. 

Dr. Mha Atma recommended frequent treatments for a few weeks along with exercises. It has been three months since I started and I feel 100 percent better.  The time involved had been little compared to the benefits. 

I can see and feel the benefits of this treatment.  It is a small investment to make to feel better.  I highly recommend chiropractic and I only wish insurance companies would provide better coverage for its use.  I consider chiropractic care to be good preventative medicine in addition to treatment for a painful condition. 

I love the atmosphere at this office.  The experience of coming her is pleasant and calming.  Also the tea, great magazines and the apples make the good benefits received even better.


Sonja Peterson


I had a throbbing pain in my lower back for months.  It affected everything I did.  I had the pain on and off for about ten years but in the last few months it was much worse. 

I had been to a chiropractor only a few times nearly 10 years ago after I first hurt my back at work.  A friend referred me to Khalsa Chiropractic.  I found it to be a comfortable place.  Dr. Mha Atma recommended a series of adjustments beginning twice weekly along with a few exercises to loosen and strengthen my back.   

I felt better within the first few weeks of treatment.  Now, after a little more than two months, I feel like a new person.  Chiropractic care has helped me so much that I have been recommending it to several of my friends.  I feel great!


Toi Brown


I had lower back pain most of my life, and neck pain lasting for months.  I had a hard time sitting, standing, and bending.  Every time I went to the doctor for help they gave me more medication.  I was taking lots of pain medication—all it did was make me sleepy. 

I had never been to a chiropractor.  I didn’t think it could help—I thought medication could heal anything or anyone.  But I had tried so many different ways to stop my back pain and nothing had worked…and Dr. Mha Atma’s office was down the street from my house.  So I finally came to see him. 

The thought of coming was scary but the office felt homely and comfortable.  Dr. Mha Atma is awesome!  He advised me to change my sleeping positions, and the way I sit at work during the day—to hold my neck and back straight.  Each treatment I kept feeling better and better.  The first visit took an hour, and Dr. Mha Atma explained everything we would be doing.  After that each visit is around 15 minutes. 

I now recommend chiropractic to everyone I know.  I feel it is the best way to stop pain, stiffness and soreness in your body.  I now feel less stressed, less sore, and I can move in ways that before would have been very uncomfortable. 

Dr. Mha Atma recommends lifestyle changes including diet, exercise and sleeping habits.  All of his treatment is done without the use of drugs and surgical procedures.  His approach to health care and wellness is wonderful.


Mayme Johnson


I was not able to put any pressure on my right leg because of pain in my right knee.  It started in November when I pulled muscles in my knee and had to walk with a walker and then a cane.  My main doctor at Cedars sent me for physical therapy where I was treated with hot and cold and light exercise.  I was getting better very slowly. 

My daughter suggested I go to Dr. Mha Atma at Khalsa Chiropractic for treatment.  I had not been to see him for over a year and I knew he had helped me before.  I returned to the office in July, eight months after my problem began.  I was again very impressed with Dr. Mha Atma’s ability and with the professional staff. 

Dr. Mha Atma recommended I come twice a week for treatment and he adjusted my spine each time.  Within two treatments I was able to walk without a cane and after two more visits I was able to walk up stairs without help.  I am continuing with treatment to see how good I can get. 

It would be a pleasure to recommend Dr. Mha Atma because he worked a miracle for me at age 71.  I have told many many people about my chiropractic experience.  I think chiropractic is important to maintain good health, especially with Dr. Mha Atma. 

If I had come to this office last November, I would not have gone through the pain and frustration I experienced.  I am deeply grateful.